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As some of you might know I have been an Au Pair in Perth, Western Australia for six months. In this post I want to tell you some things about this amazing time.


I found my amazing host family with the agency Stepin which also helped me organized everything, book my flights and gave me advice as I was in Australia. I can really recommend them if you want to go abroad too.


My adventure started on the 21st of July 2016 at 12:30 in Frankfurt with 4 pieces of luggage.

My time as Au Pair in Down Under



After a 17 hours flight, 6 movies and 3 meals I arrived at the Perth International Airport and was warmly welcomed by two cute kids, Lieve and Finn and their dad Michael.


We lived in Stoneville, a small village one hour out of Perth, but just half an hour from the airport. My new home for the next six months looked like a little paradise in the middle of nowhere.



The start into my new life was quite hard, everything was new and so different compared to home. I was very homesick for about one week, I thought going to Australia was my worst decision ever, but after I talked with my lovely host parents and my parent at home about how I feel, everything turned out so good!


The next couple of months went by really fast. Everyday was an adventure with my new funny siblings. Playing farms, painting, reading books, going to the pool, riding their cool motorbikes, playing Lego or dressing up, no matter what we did, we always had so much fun together.



Living on a little farm was so cool, I suddenly had had a horse, a pony, 3 sheep, 12 chicken, 2 cats and 3 dogs, all living peacefully together. I always loved animals, so this was just perfect for me. One time one of the chucks (the Australian word for chicken) was sick and couldn‘t be in the shed with the other chickens for a while. So my host mom who is a vet decided to put this gray chicken, which by the way lays blue eggs, in our bath tub. So for about a week I shared my bathroom with a chicken ha ha.



The most special experience was to celebrate Christmas in summer - a real Aussie Christmas! But not only Christmas itself was special also the time until Christmas was amazing. The kids and me sung so many Christmas songs and we did a lot of "christmassy" arts and crafts - we had so much fun together!

On the 24th of December my host family and I celebrated our own little Christmas with delicious seafood, homemade sushi, heaps of Christmas songs and a whole lot of fun! We spent the next two days, the 25th and 26th of December - the Aussie Christmas days - with the rest of the family. The morning before we drove with two cars, packed until the roof to Arlette's (my host mum)  parents, Henk and Ellen who live at the beach, we visited a really cool church and unpacked all one hundred thousand presents ha ha. At Henk and Ellen‘s we had a great dinner with a turkey, ham, vegetables and yummy desert. It was really special for me to spend this day with this wonderful family!

On the next day - Boxing Day - we went to the beach, swam and played in the sea, had ice cream and iced coffee and heaps of fun. How amazing is a hot Christmas?! As we came back home we unpacked some more presents and had a yummy barbecue.



Unfortunately my time as an Au Pair was already over at the 17th of January, I was soo sad and didn‘t want to leave, but you should always stop when you are having the most fun time.

I gave everyone a biiig hug and jumped onto the plane straight into my next adventure, but this time I only had my big backpack and my teddy with me.

I still remember how Arlette, my host mom said to me before I left: „Thank you for loving our kids!“.


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