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05 | 17

Perth - I'm back!



Hi everybody! Some of you might know already, I am to back Perth. How did that come? Well that is kind of a funny story, especially regarding the beginning of my  Au Pair story. If you already read my Au Pair post you  already know that when I first arrived at my host family  I felt really bad and even thought about changing the family. But luckily I did not and every turned out to the best! As soon as I arrived back in Germany my host mum kept asking me if I want to come back. I always answered with "no" and that it is not possible. But than I told it my mum and she said I should do it and was very happy for me. So I planned everything and here I am, back in Perth!

This time I flew with Qatar Airways via Doha, India. The flights were really good, I had a whole row for myself on each flight, so I could lie down and sleep a lot. That was perfect as I was not exhausted as last time when I arrived.


The kids and also my host parents were really happy to see me and said that I was their lifesaver. Soon I understood my they needed me so badly, but more about that later. Coming back to my Australian home was better than I could imagine. Everything felt so familiar and like I would have never been away, even though some things have changed, but most have not. They got a new cute puppy, a German Shepard named Klara. Finn, the little boy goes to Kindy now, where he finally found some friends, he is speaking a lot clearer and he knows how to ride a paddling bike now. Lieve, the girl, is in year 3 now and turns eight in one month! But the parents are still super busy and my car is still super loud as there is a hole in the exhauster pipe. I work Tuesday , Thursday and mostly Saturday the whole day and Monday, Wednesday and Friday from three o'clock. Having some mornings off is so perfect, in that time I can have a little sleep in, do some Maths for a test that I need to do for university and just have some time for myself.

As I already said, I found out really quickly why they needed me. Michael is busy seeding and Arlette still is the only doctor at her clinic. That means Michael is at the farm most days and nights and Arlette comes home quite late. For me and the kinds that means that they miss their parents a lot and get quite emotional and for me it means I have work a lot. But it is how it is, we can't change it and I know that I did not come for nothing.

Sadly the weather is slowly but surely getting colder. But that does not matter, it is still so cool to be in Perth again and there are still some warm days left. The kids and I spend our days mostly at playgrounds and playing, baking or drawing at home.

I already ticked off most of the sights I wanted to see in and around Perth. So it is time to visiting all my favorite places again and find some new ones. I loove going to Cottesloe Beach, Lesmurdie Falls or the Blue Boatshed for sunsets. Other places I spent my days at were Hyde Park, Port Beach in Fremantle, Araluen Botanic Gardens, the Fremantle Markets and of course in the city. My hostfamily even invited me to the amazing Cirque du Soleil, which was in Perth with their fantastic show "Kooza". Furthermore I am planning a roadtrip down South to Esperance with another girl, but I will write about that in another post.

Please enjoy some more photos of my daily adventures down below.

Thank you for reading, I hope to see you next time. XOXO Noemi

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