Noemi Zoé

Breitenauer See Heilbronn

04 | 17

Camping with my boyfriend for my 19th birthday



My boyfriend and I decided to go camping as a kind of birthday holiday just before I am flying to Australia again. We thought about going to France, but since that's such a long way to drive we decided to just go camping at the Breitenauer See in Heilbronn. Luckily the weather turned out to be better than we expected.

As we expected the weather to be rainy and cold we booked a hotel close to the campsite for the first night.  So before we left I put the adresse of the hotel into my phone, but this adresse turned out to be the wrong  one, the one of the head office of the hotel which was in Frankfurt. The thing is that we didn't notice it on our way, no! - we noticed it as we arrived there and so had to drive back to Heilbronn another two hours ha ha. We still had a really nice birthday evening in Heilbronn with sushi and a walk around the city.


The next day we left the hotel and drove about 40 minutes to the Campingpark Breitenauer See. We arrived too early to check in so we had a little breakfast in the car while we waited. After we had checked in we set up our little tent and made it all cozy. Since it was still a bit cold we were the only ones who camped in a tent ha ha. Than we went exploring the campsite and on a little walk at the lake. For dinner we made some ravioli and felt so funny eating them in the tent.

That is also how we spent the next 2 days: hiking, eating and chilling ha ha. Camping is such a relaxed and cheap way to make holidays and I can really recommend this campsite - it was enough space, clean, safe and beautiful.

And now please enjoy some photos below.

I hope to see you again next time!

XOXO Noemi


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